GMP / HACCP / ISO / HALAL Certificate Service

Codex-Halal system integration concept with hazard analysis system and critical control point or HACCP began when Dr. Winai Dahlan joined Thai Airways Company Limited to organize halal food in the Asian Games in the year. 1998. After that, cooperation with the Food Institute developed the Halal-HACCP system and was made in 1999 and continues to develop continuously until The system Halal-GMP / HACCP Of the current Halal Science Center By creating 3 manuals in 2005, namely

1. Halal-GMP / HACCP 5000: 1426 Halal food management system: basic principles and terminology
2. Halal-GMP / HACCP 5001: 1426 Halal Food Management System: Requirements
3. Halal-GMP / HACCP 5004: 1426 Halal food management system: guidelines for preparation

Halal means something approved Allowing Muslims to consume safely, both physical and spiritual Therefore needing to be free from contamination While the complexity of raw materials and industrial production processes The risk of further contamination of the haraam Muslim consumers are therefore concerned about the safety of halal standards. The Halal certification of quality inspection has become a part of creating confidence for consumers. The Halal standard requires safety systems such as SOP, GMP, HACCP etc. as the basis for this reason. The Halal Science Center, therefore, Integrate the security system into the HALA standard. A system Halal-GMP / HACCP Developed even more as a HAL-Q system.

In summary, Halal GMP / HACCP standards (Halal-GMP / HACCP) is a quality system that uses the Codex’s General manufacturing practice (GMP) which has been considered as a basic program that should be used as the basis for defining topics. Follow the steps in the food chain. Starting from the production of raw materials until the final stage is the consumer and focusing on the control of important hygiene and halal quality in each step. Episodes based on the criteria of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)