Thailand Industrial Standards (TIS Certification) Service

Manufacturers or importers who want to use the PSU badge, whether they are products in the mandatory category Or not forced Must study the standard of the product to understand Which lists various standards of PSU related to the product Can be found on the website of the Ministry of Industry Standard Office And the standard letter from PSU can be purchased at the Ministry of Industry Standards Office

Products that require the use of the PSU seal must be designed to comply with relevant standards. The manufacturer should make a preliminary test according to the standard method. When making sure that the pass has already been made, the request to use the PSU seal, the manufacturer can manage the initial test itself (personnel + testing tools + test methods ready) or may use the service units that provide testing services that are capable of standards. there (Can be found on the website of the Ministry of Industry Standards Office in the laboratory certification section

In addition to products that have already passed the test, the production site, production process Must also be checked Which the purpose of the examination To check the quality control system Which starts from

Raw material inspection -> Raw material storage -> Production process -> Production control -> Production quality inspection -> Quality inspection before delivery -> Packaging
Personnel training
Control of measuring and testing instruments used in the production process