Hotel License Service

Requesting a hotel business license To be legitimate So that those who come to use the hotel feel comfortable with the safety of using the service The hotel must have a hotel business license. Otherwise, if it is found that the hotel does not have a license, it will be closed and still have a criminal offense

The main point that the hotel is unable to request permission to operate business is from 3 issues:

  1. City planning law Define the color zone That in some areas, the construction of hotel buildings is prohibited
  2. Building Control Law Requiring large hotels to have parking spaces
  3. Building Control Law Has determined that the hotel building is a control building and must obtain permission to use the building from the local official first

We understand this problem. We are ready to give advice and act on behalf of design-construction. The specialist will assist in every step until the project is completed. And received a hotel business license Because the client’s goal is our success